is now more and more people to enter the field of cross-border electricity supplier, many of them are never touched a layman in this line, such as factories, trading companies and other traditional foreign trade. These enterprises not for general individual grassroots sellers, is the real deal to make achievements in the cross-border electricity supplier in this business, earn money.

so many companies at Xueben paid to training, recruitment team, or please operation, please master external operations consulting, etc.. But gehangrugeshan, enter a new industry, there are always many reef traps in the front, you need to be careful. Therefore, before doing cross-border electricity supplier, you need to ask yourself these 6 questions:

1, I will be the next year, the growth rate of cross-border electricity supplier business set?


if you just start small, and not eager to expand the scale, so it is best not to set too high a growth rate, otherwise it will make the team quick success, and ignore the need basis selection strategy, inventory management, operating norms, brand strategy etc..

of course, if you want to quickly expand, then you have to do a great deal of preparation. The elite team selection module, stocking, storage, advertising and other overseas inside and outside the station all burn, hands enough to profit to forage positive, fully estimate, otherwise it will become the uncompleted project.

2, I wonder what the pain points of cross-border electricity supplier


even if you are the boss, the enterprise into the new field, you must be very understanding of this field. If you do not know the meaning of SKU, Review, VAT, overseas warehouse, packet and other basic cross-border electricity supplier terms, then do not hurry on cross-border electricity supplier projects.

3, I hope the cross-border electricity supplier team and management model is


biggest expectation is of course to earn money, but by what kind of management mode to set up an independent company? Similar to the new team, make cross-border electricity providers have full autonomy, or take it as an independent department, subject to the company’s overall strategic layout? Two way of thinking, the effect of different. The former is more innovative, but also more uncertain, the latter is more robust, but may not power, can not do it.

4, what’s my budget for this project?

It’s a cruel reality that the

budget decides how many lives. No money behind it, then cattle operations team also make bricks without straw. Serious business to do electricity providers must have a stock, not like a part-time small sellers do drop shipping. This is one of the biggest expenses of the project. In addition to encourage cross-border electricity distribution, a SKU, your inventory pressure is greater.

and now the overseas warehouse stocking budget will be hot, more! Plus daily staff wages, rent and other operating costs, your budget or a good full.

5, what is my role as a boss,


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