report the progress of earthquake relief, to provide information service for the people of disaster areas,, and has launched the website "earthquake relief, and collective use special domain as independent state identification.

it is understood that the Chinese Internet Information Center (CNNIC) yesterday launched the initiative, called for the CN to be in the hands of the domain name registration and relief related domain name donated for disaster relief site, easy to remember. Among them, donated by Liaocheng Jindun Electronic Engineering Co. Ltd. " domain name has been officially transferred to the CCTV International (CCTV) name, and launched the" Chinese Wenchuan earthquake relief network "website. At present, the official website of the CCTV domain name, are jumping to China Wenchuan earthquake relief network website. "Wenchuan earthquake" website enabled the national domain name "" and ".Cn Xinhua Wenchuan," earthquake relief website "enabled the national domain name" "and" "," China Wenchuan earthquake relief network enabled the national domain name "" and ".Cn Wenchuan" Wenchuan.Cn ", China" a Chinese domain name.

CNNIC said, in order to help the news website as soon as possible to enable the related donor domain, CNNIC actively coordinate national domain donors and the domain name registration services, the establishment of rapid processing channel, the completion of the transfer, donation and analytical domain with the fastest speed opening work.

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