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the current rural electricity sound rampant, but most of it is still superficial, a simple whitewashing, Town Exhibition Hall will get throught a thing carelessly. Most companies are still trying to completely copy the experience of the past in the city market to the rural market, the effect is naturally a big discount. Rural market for electricity supplier companies have great appeal, but can not be limited to the existing urban means, this is the biggest problem of rural electricity supplier.

marketing tools difficult to play a single combination of boxing

in the city to do marketing "combination" is a common word, in the direction of a unified planning as far as possible to use more channels to enhance the effectiveness of communication. In the city we can use television, radio, subway, bus and even in recent years, many groups of social media fans and other channels to spread, the industry is also planning to take the case of the famous combination of boxing play.

In contrast to

, rural communication channels are single. The electricity supplier to get together whitewashing to some extent also reflects the helpless. And as a result of the practice of Jingdong show store and the limited scope of the radiation as well as a large investment and non electricity supplier companies preferred.

iron brother think how to integrate the use of existing facilities in rural areas is the spread of the entire electricity supplier in rural areas to promote the key. In addition to painting business, and rural supermarket also signed contracts, electricity can be used as display display in the supermarket door and a prominent position. The basic flow of rural supermarket in the village core area of strong, the most important is the trust relationship between rural supermarket owner and villagers built in years makes the advertising have a boss’s credit endorsement, acceptance of the villagers to improve.

In addition to

, the electricity supplier companies can also sign the agreement with all the village radio, sooner or later broadcast electricity supplier information, seemingly rough but the effect is very good. To know that behind the broadcast is the endorsement of the village committee.

in fact, there are still a variety of channels in the countryside is that we never thought or simply can not see, but the iron brother to remind you to enter the rural areas of friends, do not think of the city to expand the rural market.

sold far more urgent than buying

Many of my friends still think

is nothing more than the rural electricity supplier will let rural population adapt to online shopping, but they ignore a large number of online shopping is now the village school-age population in rural areas only leave the countryside, long past the elderly and infirm left behind is very difficult to have a continuous electricity supplier purchasing power.

on this premise, iron brother is to support the appearance of the Taobao village. A large number of personnel engaged in the work of rural electricity supplier, will own products and deep processing of products to sell in order to attract young villagers in the village. Only in this part of the population to retain the premise of the countryside, rural real purchasing power. We can see that many local governments have been encouraging farmers to sell goods online, but not enough. It is also recommended that our villagers and local governments can work together to sell the rural products to the city first

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