It’s ill fated

fresh electricity supplier in this year, following the delicious after 77, and the company has been closed down. Or in Shanghai, this time is a table network. Although the name of the gas to a table network is far better than the delicious 77 big impact, but it’s down for the moment fresh electricity supplier industry morale is also a big blow.


in fact, other fresh electricity supplier is not better than the same day: once glory love fresh bee recently departed, layoffs storm constantly; life’s O2O project was suspended, convenience "was merged to have life; every orchard also turn off almost all of the lines under the store, focus on the online business; the young monarch dish into capital chain crisis was broke" prepare for bankruptcy liquidation". It is reported that the country’s more than 4 thousand fresh electricity supplier companies, only a profit of 1%, a flat of 4%, a loss of 88%, the remaining 7% is a huge loss.

was originally directed at the fresh electricity supplier market prospects, did not expect the reality is so cruel. Although fresh electricity supplier is facing an unfavorable market situation, but more reasons for the failure of the enterprise homogeneity, there is no competitive advantage caused by. According to reports, the current domestic fresh electricity supplier at least the following three aspects of the same.

business model is similar: upstream and downstream industry chain integration

from the model up, fresh electricity providers are almost all in the downstream industry chain integration path. Their origin to find products, do their own marketing, do their own warehousing, distribution, their own sales. The weight of its assets, can be imagined.

of course, there are a lot of reasons to convince myself and investors, such as the now market confusion in the domestic fresh products difficult to find reliable suppliers, third party cold chain logistics services, social services and so on landing with low efficiency. These are indeed the actual situation on the current market, but the biggest problem is whether fresh electricity supplier itself has sufficient resources and capabilities to integrate upstream and downstream industry chain. If there is no ability and forced to do is yiluanjishi.

delicious from the first half of 77, to now a table network, their size, size is somewhat different, but the business model is almost exactly the same. To establish their own team of buyers sourcing, their construction of cold chain logistics system, urban distribution center, and even engage in their own distribution team. Heavy assets is not to say that this model is not good, but depends on whether the actual situation of the enterprise. For large fresh electricity supplier, heavy assets in the long-term planning of the enterprise, fancy is long-term benefits. But for small and medium enterprises, once stuck in a quagmire of heavy assets, will soon face the dilemma of funds flow.

if there is a steady stream of financing to support them, the game can continue to play, even as drops do so big. However, after all, money is a scarce resource, the market a little investment. A little wind sways grass, a tight, they will unfortunately be heavy asset mode > overwhelming, delicious

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