, a new message and two old news

all right, or the latest news. Google released a shopping search, for more information, please click on the following link, http://s.www.google.cn/products. The function is not to say, you tell me their own experience, in short, the color of the many places.


again two old news, under the background of account. October 2008, Baidu has released into the C2C e-commerce market, after the release of news to enter the B2B e-commerce market. January 2009, NetEase has launched a shopping search, B2C commodity search model cut into the e-commerce market.

two, who would miss e-commerce?

e-commerce and mobile Internet is the main growth point and development opportunities in the next few years, China’s internet. Any one of the leading Internet companies, once miss these two things, after ten years, we look back, the company has already disappeared, or dying.

for e-commerce, you can only choose to accept his way, but can not choose to accept or reject. Missed the e-commerce, missed the opportunity to survive in the future of the internet.

three, who cares about the future of shopping search?

The problem about the prospect of shopping search

, can read the shopping search the prospect of an old man "I". In fact, this article, you can jump directly. Because we do not have to worry about the prospect of shopping search now – no matter how the prospect of shopping search, once the Google done, Baidu is dangerous.

most of the time, product prospects do not constitute the most important factor in corporate strategy. In addition to product prospects, but also a very important factor, that is the trend of competitors. A seemingly hopeless thing, once fall into the hands of competitors, the risk coefficient will become unusually high. If the competitor moves, you have no defense measures, that is more dangerous, the gap is likely to become more and more.

so, you can understand why Tencent do everything, Sohu Sina has done anything. More than and 200 lines of the Tencent, in order to construct their Maginot line, the QQ circle, this assured. Inner sense of crisis drives people to do so, because they do not know now a little things will be tomorrow to subvert their own kingdom killer.

four, who’s ambition to subvert the country?

e-commerce this road, Baidu must go. But how to take a law, but it is a cautious question. Two ways: first, self built platform directly involved in e-commerce competition; the two is to build e-commerce search platform for buyers and sellers to build a commodity bridge.

unfortunately, Baidu’s ambition to make

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