NetEase science and technology news May 24th news, CCTV weekly quality report today reported that there are consumers in the mall to buy refurbished Jingdong.

reported that Ms. Wu bought a value of more than 3 thousand yuan of apple 5C mobile phone on the Jingdong, with more than a month later, the phone crashes frequently, until it can not boot. Ms. Wu hopes to return the Jingdong, but the Jingdong service responded that, at present there is no way to return, can only provide a replacement service.

however, Ms. Wu did not listen to the customer recommendations for replacement, but the mobile phone testing in a maintenance center of apple, after testing found the machine has repaired the trace, serial number machine motherboard scan code and serial number and the body does not match. Then the reporter called the official Apple customer service, apple said that although Apple electronic business platform product sales, but can not guarantee the regular purchase channels, and the machine code three are not the same, or modified.

in the industrial and commercial intervention, Jingdong finally agreed to return, but it is clear that refused to compensate. Jingdong also asked Ms. Wu told the Apple ID password to delete the contents of the phone, otherwise it will not handle.

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