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‘s original purpose whether we do stand, but the ultimate goal is to Wangzhuan site. This is not a vulgar, noble and noble problem, because it is necessary to spend a lot of energy and money to maintain a web site, there is no return, it is difficult to continue for a long time. For the GG alliance, Baidu Union, we do not need to consider too many things, but the two one is not a good application, but it is easy to be blocked by the union account risk. In order to earn more money, to maximize the website, we also need to add on the Ali Mama like alliance advertising, but these advertising alliance need is the sale of advertising, how can Everfount their advertising to sell, this is the most long standing issues need to be considered. Peak network sales experts believe. Alliance advertising can be sold depends on the following points:

1, site users is your potential advertisers

through the comparison of a number of sites, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the overall characteristics of the site itself and the size of the user group determines the degree of difficulty of the ad. The reason is obvious, if the website user groups are oriented to high consumption groups, so a bit of advertising for him is not what he felt, as long as the value, will buy their own advertising to see you. Similarly, if the site user groups are relatively large, then the possibility of advertising to sell large. Enter the wndhw.com in your browser address bar, it will be very clear to see, universal navigation site in Ali mother alliance advertising sales are very good. The reason for the sale of the main reason is that universal navigation network is now a large group of users, the use of universal navigation network is set up as the home of many people, the volume is large, the possibility of the purchase of advertising will continue to increase. Peak network experts have said: the site is your potential users".

2, the rational design of advertising is an important indicator to attract advertisers.

The design of

reasonable advertisement mainly includes the position, size and form of advertisement. The advertiser is not a savior, and is considered to be the only one who is considered to be worthy of the purchase and the purchase will be able to achieve the desired effect. Whether the advertisement design is reasonable or not will directly affect the value judgment and the judgment of the effect of the advertisers. In accordance with the usual purchasing psychology: the more prominent the location of advertising (at least the advertisers look conspicuous), the size of the appropriate form can enhance the user clicks, advertisers will be more proactive procurement;

3, the price of advertising is also very important.

advertising price is a key factor in advertising sales, if advertisers only think the right price will consider the purchase, if you think that advertisers advertising position the price is too high, it will greatly reduce the desire to buy. In order to have a long, good income, it is best to adhere to the low price quality strategy, the first to develop a low price, if the buyer is gradually increasing, and then according to market prices. In fact, the portal is so sales

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