, although this year the real estate market downturn, but with the real estate industry China whipsaw mature, as an important part of the real estate industry chain Home Furnishing building materials industry, the scale of the market will continue to expand. In the second tier cities in China, home building materials retail market has a huge space for development, which also attracted a large number of foreign home building materials retail enterprises in the rapid expansion of the domestic market. From the international trend of development, home building materials is also the retail industry has great potential for growth in the industry. This is a very high rate of return of the market.

in this context, the smell of a strong commercial atmosphere of the Internet companies have shot into the home e-commerce market, hoping to get a cup of soup. Overnight, a variety of large and small sites such as Home Furnishing springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.

home industry site homogenization problem to be solved

huge market share, so many investors are optimistic about China’s home e-commerce industry. But with all other Internet industry, venture capital will often lead to the disaster caused by flooding water into a large number of industry website, website Home Furnishing industry is no exception. It is true that the home of e-commerce cake is tempting, but many of the home industry site is lost in front of this cake. The lack of the characteristics of the column, waking article, let the owners at a loss. And that is was unanimously optimistic about the future Home Furnishing large stores Home Furnishing building materials industry development form the mainstream of the building materials industry has also been a number of Home Furnishing website simply moved online, but did not get the endorsement of the business, but there have been neglected and even chilling situation.

some of the water testing network marketing home building materials businesses have experienced the failure of the network marketing is also able to take the effect of the network has had doubts or even negative. On the other hand, some Home Furnishing industry website in order to seize the market as soon as possible and blind expansion, lead to excessive investment began to fall into the difficult operating conditions, and even get some of the risks of investing in Home Furnishing industry websites have been questioned. Home Furnishing building materials industry website faces the point besieged on all sides.

furniture e-commerce is not a cake?

why is the face of such a delicious home e-commerce cake but few home industry website can enjoy instead of getting into trouble?. As one of the pillar industries of the national economy, the real estate industry in the downstream industry, its output value of more than 1 trillion comparable to the automotive industry. The problem is that many of the home industry website did not grasp the nature of the industry of the home industry. Home industry is different from other industry products is low degree of standardization of home building materials, products often need to be customized according to the actual needs of the owners or by the owner to visit the store in order to complete the transaction. And simply rely on the standardization of online shopping is not feasible, which means that the home industry is impossible to achieve pure e-commerce, e-commerce can only be achieved.

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