is here today to share some of my experience with the site, not to provide you with a quick fortune.

drift in the Internet for a long time, there are always a lot of friends asked me, there is no way to engage in free QQ space, free space which is good, and so on, for this reason, I decided to build a free resource network. So in 07 years in October 27th, I registered a domain name to start building.

the first step: choose web site program. I have seen a lot of people to talk program at the time, yes, but in the end did not choose PowerEasy, the main reason is that I don’t have so many functions. Finally, I choose CMS. Mainly because the system is simple, into a static state, the most critical is that it can turn URL into pinyin. Many experts say that this is conducive to the work of spiders! read more

in front of Admin5 read an article, more agree with the author’s point of view, the article said that health and wealth is the most willing to spend money on the internet.

stocks and other financial sites do not seem to be suitable for personal sites, the first personal webmaster professional enough, followed by the financial and financial sites to leave the space of individual owners do not seem to. To do a financial gathering station from Adsense to get a high price for personal Adsense more appropriate. read more

on digital marketing activities, only to forget that from Chicken Burger King, office supplies manufacturer OfficeMax "own avatar dwarfs", a way to pull away, become the history of the best communication effect of viral marketing activities. For this activity, we had in the festival marketing tactics in the virus severe epidemic done on card. At the end of the holiday season, specific statistics show that this activity is indeed very successful.

almost 26 million 400 thousand of the people (which account for about 1/10 of U.S. Internet users) visited the office’s holiday site in this season. This site allows users to post their own faces to the dancing dwarfs. This figure is 10 times in 2006, the first launch of the event in 2006. read more

classified information website has a lot of, like, Kijiji Ganji, also like 163, QQ portals have classified information area, so does that mean that new entrants have no future? Of course not!

the first choice of city size should be moderate, to avoid the edge. Like Beijing, Shanghai this large city website promotion more trouble, but this kind of website might already exist, so we don’t need to contend with. The city of choice should be a city of medium size or a larger scale of county and district. Such a moderate size of the city, there is a certain amount of users, but not particularly large, easy to promote. read more

formula has no 500W after reading their own judgment, I think it is more than 500W. Electricity supplier should understand a formula, you may have seen a lot of times, and then a few days to forget, I think the most basic thing is the most worthy of thinking things, the road to jane.

turnover = visitor number x conversion x customer price%

I think

was originally a formula is very ordinary, but after I had so much to recall this formula feel very secret, and practice! Really good, share with you read more

business because this sort of thing, a lot of people to construct their own knowledge system. In the dictionary, there are more and more new words such as UV, CPC, SKU and so on. Some people simply suddenly puzzled, so much information on the hard drive than the so-called Indoorsman customers.

with the electricity supplier brand mentioned, in many of the words, promotion, the word seems to be old, like the 3G card into the Motorola V998.

promotion or marketing, or what the word is just a symbol, millet began this guy is to us, because to solve other problems, we must first solve the problem of consciousness. read more

always see a lot of people to discuss the value of any copy, as if a lot of people like to write articles to comment on how a company should deal with public relations. What they all have in common is that they haven’t done any of this. Then the direction of the transformation is about training and consultation, because this is not true and sales hook, or you let him sell what, then all of a sudden away. This is like a lot of marketing master theory is a set of cases, micro-blog fans are thousands, forwarding comments are zero. You say such a powerful person, why not do it yourself read more

with the further development of China’s market economy,

more and more people join the ranks of entrepreneurs,

set off a new upsurge of entrepreneurship in china.

however, the vast gold rush, opportunities and challenges coexist,

how to successfully embark on the first step of entrepreneurship is crucial.

for a person who is ready to start a business,

the first step is to set up a business of their own company,

to set up a company is a complex process,

has a lot of details and rules, not every entrepreneur knows, read more

The author of this article is Penny

Kim, a marketing expert, this article tells the story she moved from Dallas to Silicon Valley a record prices, the annual salary of $135 thousand, and $10 thousand with relocation subsidies.

it’s not easy for me to tell the story. When I look back on it, I often feel embarrassed, angry, and regret. But in general, this is a story worth listening to and life experience. I hope we can choose to start a new business or work, can be more vigilant. What you are going to read is actually happening in the last four months. In order to protect the privacy of the innocent, I changed some names. read more

people seem to be too demanding on Internet marketing. Why do you say that? Do we never heard of "network marketing will set off a new wave of marketing revolution" or "network marketing will go beyond the traditional marketing channel" rich impact of the title? In fact, we have read too much about network marketing advantages of this, but we found the voice of doubt was as strong as praise. In addition to Sina, Sohu and other portals and a few such as "and", "PCPOP", "17173" in the industry leading vertical portal can be through the web site advertising and marketing revenues, there are more than 80% of the outstanding China website is plagued with advertising profits. They are distressed at the same time, in fact, their own website has been hanging Google, Baidu or Ali mother and other advertising alliance to provide advertising. read more

After the establishment of

enterprise website, not just here, such as customers, if you just to enhance the corporate image, if you do not lack orders, if you too many orders, then please do not look at this article. After the establishment of enterprise website, we now need to be able to bring us a lot of benefits and convenience of e-commerce era. Take me to do business website and network marketing in recent years, a lot of big city trading company, sales company, has stopped in the era of human flesh business, began to take the convenience of e-commerce. Shanghai, Beijing, a number of trading companies directly use the network, the use of Alibaba, using a variety of B2B platform to sell their products, and customer networks, telephone, exchange. So that we can talk about a sum of business, but also to save us a lot of unnecessary energy and costs. Improved work efficiency. read more

you know 90? If you come up with Ma Jiajia’s erotic speech PPT, you will not feel surprised? If the mobile terminal brand O2O look at Nike is doing, you will not feel surprised? Yes, they are 90, or they are the consumers of 90. Their business thinking and action to tell us: consumers are changing, gradually become the subject of social spending has 90 do not believe that the original brand, in the new business era, they are telling their own logic of consumption.

this excerpt from the Youth Research Report of "small world" after 90 young — in the era of SK, vice president of telecommunications investment Jian Jiang strongly recommended. read more

where the user, we have to do marketing. The impact of the Internet on traditional enterprises has affected everyone’s income, more and more companies have to get involved in the Internet, more and more individuals began to play the internet. Enterprises do not play on the Internet is waiting for death has become a consensus, but we don’t want to die, to live is the way.

enterprises want to play Internet marketing, reason, wrote in front of the enterprise network marketing effect not written in the enterprise network marketing how to recruit talent, now want to talk about is the guardian of Kun yuan enterprise Internet marketing started to play where the topic. read more

from last June, I made a "I and my website, adhere to is the truth" to now, my local portal finally broke through 100 thousand PV.

from the personal site to the local portal, along the way, I believe that there are a lot of people who have been in the writing of the content before, I still want to thank those who often help me, the so-called man to have the principle. This is my principle!

with my last published which dirty text up, PV8 million or so, independent visitors around 15 thousand, independent IP:1500 to now PV10 million, more than 20 thousand independent visitors, independent about. Meet a lot of problems to solve in the future, do not feel really hard, you want to do can do. In addition to adhere to a certain skill. read more


in the management of China when a Korean beauty, just come to me to understand the trend information, add me. The two of us spent the night talking. So she is also doing the network, and in the company is responsible for the promotion of the network. Chat, we talked to the domain name investment, she is still very insightful domain name investment, gave me a good lesson. Sorted out today, and share with you.

digital domain name as a family member of the domain name, is a relatively limited number of attracting more and more attention. The existence of this kind of attraction has certain theoretical basis. read more

believe that when you look at the shopping site, will encounter a lot of online video or music, but the effect of how to put the video, then how to put it?

TV shopping, as we all know, once a hot moment, the phone can ring every day! TV shopping online shopping has the authority, intuitive, public advantages. As everyone knows the TV shopping products, Fang Nair underwear, magic quite, popular TV shopping products, propaganda films have good reason to convince the purchase of daily shipments is superior. At this time a lot of individual product sites, such as breast enhancement, weight loss, etc., are hanging on the website of the video, the video can better express the effect of the product, it seems that there is still a certain effect on the video. read more

Talk about the implementation of some elements of

Amoy brand! First to have their own independent domain name; there should be systematic promotion strategy; we must have the courage to explore; to have a heart of perseverance. Separate specific statement.

first, we must have their own independent domain name

own guest spend tens of dollars to register an independent domain name, I think this is every guest can afford the investment, may be a lot of guest feel no need, then you are wrong! Because we are every day in a variety of platforms to promote products, are used in different advertising code, even if you have to many others may not know you through advertising code! And your domain name is completely different! We can be unified to promote our domain, and then through the domain name to promote different products. read more

Beijing second intermediate people’s court recently concluded Beijing easyvoice era network technology Co. Ltd. v. Beck · respectively; & McKenzie, French law firm Kidd computer network domain name dispute case, the court verdict dismissed the plaintiff to the Time Inc on the confirmation of domain names involved for all of its property claim.

The case involves

for computer network domain name registration, erzhongyuan verdict, to protect the interests of the prior rights.

It is reported that read more

in order to meet the demand of cross-border electricity supplier, in April 15th, the Ministry of finance, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and other 13 departments jointly issued the second batch of "cross-border e-commerce retail imports list", the maternal and child health care products, fresh and popular category were added into, attracted wide attention of the sea Amoy family. As the first domestic based on "social + mobile distribution platform for cross-border electricity supplier," said the adorable international store, strictly control the supplier qualification and supply, focus on user experience and supply chain services, to create cross-border electricity supplier industry healthy and orderly market environment. read more

days ago, women’s fashion and fashion consumer platform largest businesses, held meeting in Guangzhou, and announced at the scene, after several months of preparation and "3.21" to promote the success of trial operation, the best product quality businesses set channel "mushroom yield" officially launched operation. station to become an independent channel, will provide cost-effective, and quality assurance to ensure the quality of consumer shopping experience. This is also the beginning of this year, to promote the 2016 quality improvement program is an important part of. read more