Reynolds asks Iowans to wear masks, continue to practice good hygiene during COVID-19 pandemic (VIDEO)

first_imgDES MOINES — Governor Kim Reynolds published a new video today, asking Iowans to step up and take personal responsibility during the COVID-19 pandemic.“So let’s step up Iowa. Protecting yourself means that you’re protecting your friends, your family members, your co-workers, and your fellow Iowans. Each and every one of us has it in our power to slow the spread COVID-19. That’s how we’ll keep Iowans safe and healthy, keep our economy up and running, and keep our state moving forward. I’m confident that we can continue to do this together.”Reynolds says the state has made progress in slowing the spread of COVID-19, but she doesn’t want to have to implement restrictions again if at all possible.   “COVID-19 is far from over and I don’t want to go backwards. I don’t want to reverse the progress that we’ve made since the pandemic began. That’s why I’m again asking for your help. I believe in Iowans and I know that we can continue to step up and take personal responsibility, not because it’s mandated, but because it’s the right thing to do.”Reynolds says simple things like wearing a mask in public and good hygiene are keys in fighting the spread of COVID-19.  “Whether it’s wearing a mask, social distancing, practicing good hygiene, or staying home when we’re sick. These simple steps continue to be the best defense against the virus.”Reynolds comments come as the number of Iowans who have tested positive for coronavirus since the pandemic started has topped the 35,000 mark.last_img read more

Imanol and the connection with the Real Sociedad Copa champion

first_imgIt is one of the moments of the semifinal of Copa in Snduva. The emotional hug between the current coach of the Real Sociedad, the man who has led the return to a Cup final of the realistic team; with Alberto ‘Bixio’ Gorriz, the player with the most matches in the history of the San Sebastian club. The moment was caused by the SER Chain, because Bixio was in the cabin of Carousel because he had commented on the match between Real and Mirandés. It is not because I am here, it is that when I enter the first team I feel at his side in the locker room and he was a reference in the team, for his way of being and for how he has been. A reference for all young people, and these things are lived or difficult to explain. I have changed to the side of Bixio and that is not forgotten, it is exciting to say that I switched to the side of important people in the Real and that they showed us the way to reach the final now. This final is from the people, from everyone who feels the Royal Society as theirs, “says Imanol Alguacil.Bixio Gorriz, flushed at so much praise, returned the compliments. “He’s a great coach. He’s getting too good for me. But he knows what a locker room is, he lived it with us, and that’s why he manages it so well now. La Real has great players, but Imanol oos does better still, because he is modest, a boy from Orio, with great humility, and then he is also a great coach, who knows how to read the situations of the game and achieve things like returning us to a final 32 years later. ” Imanol, who lived in his beginnings with the last Cup champions, now seeks to emulate them as coach of the txuri-urdin team.last_img read more

The road to the ‘good life’ has become muddy

first_imgDear Editor,Public figures, especially politicians, are always in the public eye. The manner in which they conduct themselves is used as a tool to measure the level of respect and concern they have for the citizenry. Therefore, they are always expected to conduct themselves with decorum and a high level of professionalism, both locally and internationally.It was therefore with a high level of dismay and shock that I viewed the video clip of Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan publicly denigrating a media operative during the course of the past week.The minister’s public (and seemingly uncaring) display of arrogance in its most powerful form is reflective of his attitude towards the nation as a whole.His angry outburst that he could “use expletives if he wants” and his uncouth chastisement of Mr Dennis Chabrol are indicative of the low level of respect he has for the media, and indeed the nation as a whole. He seemed not to care that cameras were focused on him, recording every word spoken and every gesture made.This incident is a great embarrassment to the Granger Administration, moreso since it involves one of its most senior Government functionaries – a Vice President and Public Security Minister at that.This is just one in a continuous string of events in which Government officials have displayed their pride, arrogance and absolute power over the citizenry. It is an alarming trend, and no apologies have been made to the victims, despite many calls by NGOs and other public interest figures for such.Government officials seem to think that Guyana belongs to them personally; the people are to be treated as they see fit and the country’s vast resources are at the disposal of their personal interests. Self-indulgence and the propensity to wantonly spend sums of money on meaningless projects with no long term gains have become the norm. The right of citizens to be consulted on matters pertaining to their welfare has been tossed by the wayside, and arrogance, greed and corruption have become institutions in our beloved land.The citizenry voted for the good life – a promise fervently made by the current administration during its election campaign — one that was embellished with many fanciful illusions of grandeur for all.The ‘road to the good life’ seems to be still under construction three years later.I, like many Guyanese, do not believe it will ever see the light of day.SincerelyVanita Mahadeolast_img read more

Bourda vendors call for street lights

first_img…amid increased robberiesIn light of the daily increase in robberies and petty thefts at the Bourda Market, vendors who ply their trade there are calling for streetlights to be positioned in the area very soon, so as to provide some level of security.When Guyana Times visited the area on Thursday, many indicated that the Orange Walk entrance section of the market is prone to having robbers in the night due to the area being dimly lit.Arif Kahn, who operates a vegetable and fruits stall, explained that the area is opened on a 24h basis, which indicates that persons are traversing that zone every night. As such, many robbers would use the opportunity of the lightingA section of the Bourda Marketsituation to relieve people of their valuables.“The thing is, we have a norm where, in the night, people getting rob all the time, plenty people. When this happen, you hardly see them back, ‘cause they frighten to come again. Last night they carry way a lady bag,” a vendor explained.He noted that because of this, the victims cannot identify the perpetrators when they’re apprehended by the Police or City Constabulary officers. Hence, they’re put back on the road to continue the illegal activities.“We have small lights yeah, but that can’t do anything, ‘cause you can’t see far with that. Now, when the Police catch them, it so dark that you can’t tell is who,” another vendor said.A neighbouring vendor commented, “It’s true. This is something that they got to look into. It’s very dangerous for us and for people.”He further stated that the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has promised them that lights would be placed along identified sections of the trading area. However, the area is still in need of the lights.Along with the placement of more streetlights, the vendors are also requesting the presence of additional security ranks at locations where robberies frequently occur.A few months ago, the City Constabulary had pinpointed the Stabroek and Bourda Markets as “criminal hotspots” after numerous criminal activities has occurred in the area over some time.Just recently, Chief Constable Andrew Foo revealed that the areas are now considered as key areas for tourists and foreigners to be relieved of their belongings on a daily basis.Foo noted that while these persons — mostly Cubans and Venezuelans — are the main targets, there are citizens who are marked by these criminals. Meanwhile, the Chief Constable also informed this publication that the network of robbers usually operates in gangs, using cellphones as the main medium of communication to divulge information.last_img read more

Special Audit into UG’s finances at stand-still due to uncertainty of payment plan

first_imgThe special audit into the finances at the University of Guyana (UG) is at a standstill as authorities are yet to figure out who will stand the expense to conduct the probe.University of Guyana, Turkeyen CampusAuditor GeneralDeodat SharmaThis is according to Auditor General, Deodat Sharma, who told the GuyanaTimes that although the payment plan has not yet been finalized plans are still onboard to have the audit done.“We still got it in plans… we are still waiting to hear but we have not gone in as yet and at the same time also, there is the main issue of who going to pay the fees, we got to really get that clarified. The Education Ministry’s Permanent Secretary had stopped the audit, so if we go ahead, somebody has to pay the fees. Normally, we have got to ensure that somebody acknowledges the payment,” he stated.The Auditor General noted that no ground work has been done as yet while noting that other options to conduct the audit may have to be utilized.Initially, the Audit Office of Guyana had contracted an independent company to conduct the much-needed and highly anticipated audit into UG – in light of allegations of mismanagement of funds.This particular audit was first ordered by the Education Ministry after a request was made by the two workers’ unions at UG to have such an investigation launched. The Ministry was reportedly going to stand the expense associated with the investigation.Shortly after the independent company commenced its work into the matter, the Education Ministry withdrew its request for the audit, with no explanation given. Almost two months ago, AG Sharma has noted that the backlog of years UG did not complete its audited financial statements was a cause for worry.Sharma, whose agency audits Government’s public accounts on an annual basis, explained the importance of having those accounts edited to 2018. He was not convinced about the UG administration’s sincerity in clearing this backlog.The University of Guyana Senior Staff Association (UGSSA) and University of Guyana Workers Union (UGWU) have levelled these accusations, in particular. The Unions had joined forces to question why monies were allocated in previous budgets to entities which do not exist and what became of those funds.They had also demanded answers from the administration on how much money was spent on nonessential events within the last two and half years— which included, but were not limited to, the Law and Society series, the Turkeyen-Tain talks, and the Vice-Chancellor’s installation ceremony.They had argued that while these monies were being spent, the core units of the University, which include faculties and schools, had been informed that no money is available for essential repairs and payment for stationery, among others.In his 2016 Audit Report, Sharma had found that $209 million had been unaccounted for from the University of Guyana’s Science and Technology Support Project, funded by the Government of Guyana (GoG) and the International Development Association (IDA) under Credit Agreement No 4969-GY.However, the University had insisted that the monies were used for infrastructure projects on the campus, including a fibre optic cable to provide students with Wi-Fi.It had also noted that some of the monies were used to renovate the faculty buildings.last_img read more

GECOM can be ready for elections by March 19 – Commissioners

first_imgMandatory Art 106 90-day due electionsPeople’s Progressive Party (PPP) nominated commissioners on the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) are contending that far from the view being expressed by GECOM and Government officials, elections can be held by March 19, 2019.PPP-nominated Commissioner Sase GunrajIn an interview with Guyana Times, PPP’s GECOM Commissioner Sase Gunraj noted that the Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Keith Lowenfield has been creating an impression that there is not enough time to complete various tasks before elections. But according to Gunraj, many of these tasks can be completed concurrently.“Lowenfield has said that we need 90 days for specific tasks. When you look at the tasks that make up those 90 days, most of the tasks can be done concurrently,” Gunraj said. “For example advertising for staff can occur at the same time that you are procuring training material.”GECOM CEO Keith Lowenfield“He has, for example, 14 days for procurement of training materials, 14 days for advertising for staff. And that counts for 28 days out of the 90 days, when in truth both of those things can happen in those 14 days.”In a recent interview, Commissioner Bibi Shadick had also asserted that GECOM could hold elections within 50 days. According to Shadick, she is basing this on the information provided by Lowenfield at Thursday’s meeting at the Secretariat. The Commissioner related that she even offered Lowenfield a proposed timeline for conducting elections within that time frame.“I am convinced that the CEO in trying to please all his masters is prepared to go back on the submissions he gave us and is a thoroughly confused person and at this point, I said that he is not fit for the job.“We moved the date to meet with the Whips so that they can get together and call their principals so that the President can call a date for elections and GECOM will have to hold that elections because once an election date is announced, then GECOM has to meet that date because that is the constitutional mandate of GECOM.”So, if elections can be held within the prescribed 90 days’ timeline, what is the hold-up? According to sources, the no-confidence resolution passed in Parliament would have tested GECOM’s resolve and independence in much the same way as the Judiciary was tested by the legal application by the Government to delay the resolution’s application.But sources noted that while the Judiciary recognised the urgent nature of the no-confidence vote and expedited the cases, GECOM’s foot-dragging has earned it much criticism.More questionsOn Friday, Chief Whips Gail Teixeira and Anna Ally emerged from their meeting with GECOM with more questions than answers, as GECOM refused to give deadlines for its preparations.In an interview after the meeting, the Opposition Chief Whip had been less than satisfied with the answers she did get. According to Teixeira, she asked if the Commission could make simultaneous preparations to accommodate what remains of the time frame for elections.“We asked a number of technical questions, to do with the Commission doing a range of things to make the 50 days, because we have about 54 days left. And wasn’t it possible for the Commission to run on simultaneous tracks (for) procurement, ballot paper, training, the list in terms of extracting and adding those eligible (names).“The Commission did not answer, except that Lowenfield had concerns about training. The Commission trained approximately 10,000 people for LGE [Local Government Elections], used 7500. So we don’t believe it’s impossible that we could achieve the number of people to work as temporary polling staff.”Teixeira was of the view that Lowenfield was reluctant to give approximate dates for election preparations. In fact, Teixeira noted that the CEO constantly deferred to the Commission when it came to giving timelines and she expressed suspicions that he may be under pressure.According to the Chief Whip, the Government Commissioners mostly provided reasons for not holding the elections in 90 days, such as house-to-house registration. She noted that this exercise could delay the elections by as much as eight months.GECOM, which successfully ran the LGE in November 2018, less than three months ago, is being blamed by Government for not being ready, but it is the President of Guyana, who has to give a date for elections and not GECOM as being touted. The President of Guyana, according to the Constitution, has to dissolve Parliament and issue a date for elections.Calls by this publication to Lowenfield went unanswered.last_img read more

Northern BC High School Rodeo Association holds rodeo in Chetwynd

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Northern B.C. High School Rodeo Association held a rodeo on September 28 and 29 in Chetwynd.This was the third rodeo to take place of the Fall season.Saturday’s Senior All Round Cowgirl went to Kali Clare Atkins, with All Round Cowboy going to Tyler Pederson.- Advertisement -Sunday’s Senior All Round Cowgirl went to Fallon Jones and All Round Cowboy went to Zane Jones.The Queen Event went to Artaysha Studley.In the Juniors, Saturday’s All Round Cowgirl went to Cashlyn Callison, with All Round Cowboy going to Korbin Mills.Advertisement Sunday’s Junior All Round Cowgirl went again to Shelby Corr, while All Round Cowboy went to Danny Jones.The next High School Rodeo will be taking place this weekend in Chetwynd.Junior Results:Senior Results:Advertisement last_img read more

Fort St. John man survives Revelstoke avalanche

first_imgBy**Do you know someone from Northeastern BC? We’d like to talk to them, email – Advertisement -A Fort St. John man has survived the avalanche near Revelstoke.The avalanche occurred on Saturday March 13th at around 3:30pm on Boulder Mountain, near Revelstoke.  The RCMP say three people are confirmed dead but they do not know how many are unaccounted for after the slide struck a gathering of up to 200 snowmobilers.One survivor is from Fort St. John who described the avalanche as a “big white wall of snow”.  The man spoke to the Canadian Press, and did not want to be identified, said they saw the slide coming and had only a few seconds to react.  The man dove behind his snowmobile and ended up partially buried.  Members of his group managed to dig him out.The Police are beginning a door-to-door search of hotel rooms to try and determine how many people are missing.  The search will also continue on Boulder Mountain. Advertisementlast_img read more

Guyana Amazon Warriors beat St Lucia Stars in nail-biting game

first_imgAll-rounder Keemo Paul held his nerve in a last over thriller as the Guyana Amazon Warriors soared to their second straight win at home, beating the St Lucia Stars by 3 runs in Saturday evenings nail-biter in front another jam-packed crowd at Providence National Stadium, Guyana.PROVIDENCE, GUYANA – AUGUST 11: In this handout image provided by CPL T20, Shimron Hetmyer (L), Keemo Paul (2L), Chris Green (3L), Rayad Emrit (2R) and Sherfane Rutherford (R) of Guyana Amazon Warriors celebrate winning match 4 of the Hero Caribbean Premier League between Guyana Amazon Warriors and St Lucia Stars at Guyana National Stadium on August 11, 2018 in Providence, Guyana. (Photo by Randy Brooks – CPL T20/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***In a low-scoring match, drama unfolded in the final over with the Stars needing 16 from the last over bowled by Paul (1-42). The first ball knocked over Kavem Hodge for a duck before being going for a six the very next ball by Mitchell McClenaghan.A few singles saw the requirement being 5 runs from one legal delivery; to which the Young Windies pacer held his nerves and produced a good last ball to help his team keeping their unbeaten streak alive. In the end, the Stars could only muster 138-7 in 20 overs.Lendl Simmons smashed five sixes in his 45 with skipper Kieron Pollard hitting 32 in their fifty partnership which seemed like spoiling the Warriors’ fun. After missing out in the first game, New Zealander opener Luke Ronchi punched a top-score of 42 from 41 with a pair of fours and a six while his opening partner Chadwick Walton spanked a 24-ball 31. Shimron Hetmyer made a brisk 21 and got out while Jason Mohamed also produced 21, but was left unbeaten to take the Amazon warriors to 141-4 from their 20 overs.Afghan leggy Qais Ahmad bowled like a true “Star”, snaring magical figures of 3-15 with his wide array of Googlies; bagging the big wickets of Walton, Hetmyer and Shoaib Malik, with Mark Chapman being the other wicket taker with 1-8.Seamer Rayad Emrit grabbed 3-26 and 2-32 from South African Imran Tahir played crucial roles for their team. It was a watchful start to the chase from Andre Fletcher (14) and David Warner (11) who were forced to deal with a nippy Sohail Tanvir and a crafty Chris Green, up front.After 5 overs the Stars were 25-0 with just three boundaries; two to Fletcher and one to Warner. The introduction of Tahir resulted in a double blow for the Stars as he removed both openers via LBW in the 7th over of the game and the first of his spell.Pollard and his countryman Simmons, both new at the crease were tasked with rebuilding the damage done by the South African leg-spinner. With the team’s 50 up after roughly 10 overs, Pollard freed his arms against Emrit to send his countryman flying into the Orange Stand rails for six.The duo continued to pick off the loose deliveries, some of which went over the rope and into the stands. Simmons looked like a half-century but that was cut short by Emrit five runs away from his milestone. With pressure mounting, Pollard was caught by Mohamed in the deep while Emrit disturbed the timber of Rakeem Cornwall with a yorker for 3, as Paul finished off the innings nicely.Batting first, Warriors openers Walton and Ronchi put on a speedy 54 for the first wicket in a little under 8 overs. Walton was highly aggressive, showing glimpses of a big score which might soon come in the future. He clobbered four fours and a solitary six with precision, before being stumped by Fletcher off Ahmad.Ronchi found the ropes a few times while an ever-improving Hetmyer reminded the Stars bowlers of his current form at Providence by racing to 21 off 19 balls with three fours; two of which were smacked of back-to back balls from Pollard.The Kiwi raced into the 30’s by smashing medium-pacer Kesrick Williams down the ground for a six before Ahmad struck again, this time bagging the prized wicket of Hetmyer, who edged a googly to Fletcher behind the stumps.At 87-2 Shoaib Malik (08) made his entrance by dancing down the track to loft Kavem Hodge over the ropes to pick up his first boundary but Ahmad again served up another well-delivered Googly to rock the stumps of the Warriors Captain.Guyana Warriors reached their 100 in 13.4 overs with tons of batting left in the tank but Ronchi failed to bring up his 50 and was bowled comprehensively attempting to pull off his countryman Chapman. The left-handed Sherfane Rutherford dispatched Cornwall into the stands for a massive six as Mohamed replicated to send Williams sailing into the Red Stands.With two wins under their belt, the Warriors will be seeking to wrap up their home games on a high note when they tackle former champs Barbados Tridents in Sunday’s final game at Providence for the first leg. The match bowls off at 18:00h.last_img read more

Emre Can set for Juventus move – reports

first_imgThe midfielder can leave Liverpool on a free transfer at the end of the season, and Gazzetta reported that the German has already agreed a deal worth six million euros ($7.5 million) per year.French champions Paris Saint-Germain were also reported to be interested in signing Can who preferred a move to Italy with fellow Germans Sami Khedira and Benedikt Howedes already in Turin.Can arrived in Liverpool in 2014 from Bayer Leverkusen, having previously won the Bundesliga title with Bayern Munich in 2013.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Liverpool’s Emre Can has reportedly agreed terms with Juventus © AFP / Oli SCARFFMILAN, Italy, Apr 30 – Liverpool defensive midfielder Emre Can has agreed a five-year contract with Italian champions Juventus, according to reports in Italy on Monday.The 24-year-old German international, who is sidelined with a back injury, will sign with the six-time Italian champions as early as this week, Gazzetta dello Sport reported.last_img read more