(Update) If you won 30-million dollars, do you think you could wait two weeks to collect your winnings?. Hamilton’s newest multi-millionaire collected his big cheque at Ontario lottery and gaming’s prize office Monday. As Lisa Hepfner reports, so far he hasn’t decided how to spend his new found wealth.From hanging desperately onto the big cheque, to proclaiming his devotions.Nick Takticos, a 35-year-old man of steel from Steeltown took his new wealth and fame with a side of humour.“I just want to finish by saying, Argos suck, Ticats rule. Oskee wee wee, eat em raw.” Are you single? “I’m dating. And I’m open to a lot of options” he laughs.Nick Takticos had just gotten home from the nightshift at the Toyota plant in Cambridge, where he was a Lexus inspector. He checked his ticket several times before realizing. He could now afford to buy a Lexus.“I was pacing a little. I was by myself too. The first person I was thinking of was my mother.”At that point it was about 5am.Mom Vicky was having a restless sleep that morning:   “I was tossing and turning thinking of Tim Hortons. I wanted a coffee, and for some reason the phone rang. And he told me and I didn’t believe it so I said, I’m getting the coffee and coming over.”“I’ll never forget it, she looked up with this big smile, no stress in her face, and she said, they’re all here. I said I know, I know! We just started hugging and hugging. Total, total disbelief.”Vicky: “Our worries are going to be so different. They’ll be different worries now. You never stop worrying about your children.”Jamie Freeland is Nick’s best friend: “I went over later that night and he told me. I about fell on the floor. Honestly, it couldn’t happen to a better guy and a better family. Honestly. I really feel that way.”“Great guy, hard worker, friendly guy treats people respectfully and best friend I’ve ever had. Couldn’t be happier.”Takticos bought his winning ticket here at Royal Variety and Video. Just off of Main West in Hamilton and I’m told he’s been a regular customer here for years.Jeff To sold Nick the ticket: “I feel happy for him and his family too. So this is a lucky place to buy lotto tickets. Um. I think he’s more lucky than I laughs.”We’ll leave the last words to Nick: “Overnight, all these doors open up. It’s overwhelming.”He has “respectfully retired” from Toyota. 00:00:00 | 00:00:00::Projekktor V1.3.09

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